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  兹将名单公布如下: 陈 思妤、侯荣康、李哲宇、莫舒毓、马庆霖、邹必谦、姚智宇、彭显晴、潘淑仪、郑善予、谭淑镱、陈佳安、吕敏瑜、萧佳荥、吕镇添、陈妍廷、林雯仪、吕孙孜、邓 昕愿、陈诗营、黄惠萱、林靖皓、朱浚玮、苏于淇、张寗惜、尤妍淇、李祐进、莫舒韵、林佳璇、邹欣足、林示仪、李芝逸、颜郡役、邹欣彤、柯婕儿、马缘芩、谭 筠璇、苏伟洛、张寓喆、苏巧雯、庄子乐、胡皓然、许嘉殷、陈凯勤、许伊晨、许可颖、刘昱辰、彭易贤、殷勤婧、李仁垲、陈伟亮、丘惠心、林雯珊、李俊蔚、李 钧皓、吴依琳、冯芝婷、黄汶贤、波拉迪、李耀祖、邓昕怡、Lee Rong Xuan、Wong Li Hsin、Jarvis Ti Jia Xie、Chua Xin Yu、Karen Tan Hui Ee、P. Ragunathan、Lim Yun Khai 。



1  邓昕怡  13岁

2  侯荣康  6岁

3  张寓喆  7岁

4  柯婕儿 12岁

5  Wong Li Hsin  6岁

6  朱浚玮  5岁

7 潘淑仪  12岁 

8  黄惠萱  6岁

9  李哲宇  6岁

10  苏于淇  9岁

11  Karen Tan  9岁

12  尤妍淇  6岁

13  马庆霖  5岁

14  林靖皓  5岁

15  邹必谦  5岁

16  张甯惜  6岁

17  吕敏瑜  11岁

18  谭筠璇  9岁

19  Lim Xun Khai 7岁 

20  许嘉殷  9岁

21  Chua Xin Yu  6岁

22  苏伟洛  9岁

23  陈凯勤  7岁

24  苏巧雯  9岁

25  莫舒韵  6岁

26  林佳璇  11岁

27  陈佳安  10岁

28  吕镇添  7岁

29  萧佳荥  12岁

30  李仁垲  10岁

31  陈妍廷  7岁

32  陈伟亮  12岁

33  林雯仪  11岁

34  林示仪  6岁

35  丘惠心  12岁

36  林雯珊  12岁

37  李芝逸  9岁

38  李俊蔚  10岁

39  Lee Rong Xuan  13岁

40  颜郡役  6岁

41  黄汶贤  13岁

42  邓昕愿  12岁

43  李耀祖  13岁

44  彭显晴  4岁

45  莫舒毓  4岁
46  姚智宇  6岁
47  庄子乐  7岁
48  胡皓然  8岁
49  许伊晨  7岁

50  Jarvis Ti Jia Xie  6岁

51  邹欣彤  8岁

52  马缘芩  13岁

53  李祐进  12岁

54  邹欣足  10岁

55  刘昱辰  8岁

56  谭淑镱  12岁

57  郑善予  4岁

58  陈思妤  11岁
59  彭易贤  11岁

60  吕孙孜  6岁
61  殷勤婧  12岁

62  李钧皓  10岁  
63  冯芝婷  13岁
64   波拉迪  14岁
65  许可颖  7岁
66  吴依琳  14岁
67  陈诗营  7岁

68  P. Ragunathan  7岁


ci ern said...
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Vivi said...

After days of monitoring the votes result, I found that some votes had been manipulated, there maybe due to internal decision. If so, this is very unfair and it's a close competition.

aiying said...



Mary Lim said...

I agree with Vivi. After monitoring my nephew's vote, I too find the votes diminished or is reduced each time I monitor this site. The manipulation of the results is unfair and unethical.

Where is fairness and transparency when the kids gets excited by the results and then have it removed by the sponsor?

Liviana Ivy said...

Dear Vivi and Mary,

My students is in the list too, and their votes can jump to 7 votes from 38 votes. Just in one night time.

After i check with teacher AiYing, they suspect HACKER that adjust the vote result. and i believe they wont continue this unfair game to our children. We just let them settle this.

aiying said...

Thank you Ms Liviana Ivy for your understanding.

As a way of enhancing children's appreciation of art, the organizer has used the voting system in this site for the first time, allowing children in the voting of works. Unfortunately, the voting has lead to some misunderstanding.

Just to share with you, even the editor himself is not allow to edit this poll once someone has already voted. So, there's strictly no manipulating of any sort.

This is an activity with a history of more than 10 years. The organizer has always invited experienced and renowned artists as panel judges.

Please stay tuned for the announcement of results as well as a prize giving.